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  1. Hell Yeah!! Noodles is the coolest guy in the earth!!!
  2. Haha... Destroyed t-shirts... that's the usual sight in these kind of shows... I just noticed ur picture. Is that you with Noodles!??
  3. I think no, I havenīt seen anybody naked, bud there were plenty of people naked in the crowd, and lot of destroyed T-shirts after the show
  4. Lol.. I saw that on youtube.. that was fun.. it was like giant beach balls.. did they have a disgusting guy dancing around half naked like they used to in the past?
  5. yeah sad, I liked when they played Intermission, they tossed two huge inflatable balls to the crowd, and the crowd had fun
  6. I so envy you cause I've never been to any of their shows!!! So sad..
  7. two, 2008 in Czech republic and two weeks ago in Slovakia, and you?
  8. Lol.. yeah.. LOTR really put us on the map eh? Hehee.. How many Offspring shows have you been to?
  9. In the middle of Europe, Czech republic, right next to our slovak brothers and sisters is the place where u live like the landscape from Lord of The Rings?
  10. NZ. What abt you???
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