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  1. Enjoy it guys - meetin´ each other
  2. hey! All's going well. Im gonna be seeing randy on the 13th of october!
  3. Hi Darea How´re ya n Randy? Any news guys? Everything alright?
  4. I´m doin´ still the same kinda way. Just workin´ n when´s some time left I just hang out with my best friendz around n we enjoy our still young living N I´ve cut my hair. Hehe
  5. Hey! Well there's not much news. Randy got a letter saying they'd received our visa request, so that is a good thing. I'm planning to go to see him in october (and be there for his bday) but Ive not booked any tickets yet. How about you?
  6. Hi Darea So how´re U n Randy?! Any news I´d kinda know?
  7. Wish ya guys good timez
  8. Okay thanks. Yeah Randy's my fiancé! for real. And its on the bbs that we met!
  9. Damn u read it What u mean? Randy n U? Again Thanx. Hope to be great friendz with u But I gotta go now. Check u out ltr. Promise
  10. Hehe I don't know, maybe first cause you were friends with my randy and so you had to be a minimum good! and then... um you're a band of the fisticuffs group that's good too! But I guess it's the sweet message you wrote to Maria in the "sex" thread that triggered it...
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