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  1. That means that I appreciate your presence here. U know? Just talkin. Didnīt know Uīll be surprised by that, cuz I use it a lot here n everyone gets it. Even guys from U.S. Maybe Iīm dumb with grammar sometimez
  2. What do you mean,"like you"?
  3. Glad U love that bag
  4. Hey Hi Dex Cassidy Ohh that bag bought like 3 years ago. Ordered it from the notorious internet czech punk n metal page. Could give ya link, but I guess it wouldnīt work for ya, cuz Uīre from U.S. Nice to chat with someone like U. Thereīs 2.47. a.m.
  5. Where did you get your Offspring backpack?
  6. Hi! I am talking to everyone that is on-line.
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