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  1. doing what? i've fallen on my face lots of times but everytime i was doing something different
  2. U told me u were drunx when u fell on ur face... but what were u doin'?
  3. Thanx... it's terrible... i hate him... i already spent most of my money on justin bieber magazines for her...
  4. a couple buds and me started a skate team... but my lil sis isnt in it, so of course she cried... to make her happy i started a justin bieber/make-up club for me and her. I HATE IT! But atleast my lil buddy is happy so its worth it!
  5. Yeah, San Jose owns them... I support them.. I try to support all the locals. The ice hockey team used to be the Ice Cats but they were sent to Cali... I mostly only like hockey, karate and baseball... and i like soccer... those are the sports ive played on teams... and track and field... i just went to a baseball game for the worcester tornadoes last night... it was great... Asadoorian played great! He hit a home run but home team lost
  6. i thought u had the worcester team for ur avatar... worcester stole the team name...
  7. what exactly is "ska" music?!
  8. When you come on, I upload a ton of new pictures. You should check it out.
  9. I miss you so much right now!
  10. its ur name in different bubbles... oh and i can successfully say ur name! and beata's and janny's... it took like an hour of beata's time though! she is so nice
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