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  1. Ⓥⓛⓐⓓⓘⓜⓘⓡ
    i got bored so i made like 19 of these for different people... but you werent on facebook so here ya go
  2. Well the first one was skateboarding the second one was basketball. my friend was blocking me and he stepped on my ankle. then the other kid hit me in the back of the head with the ball and i fell face first into a trash can.. ah and a few days ago i chipped my tooth. i cant feel my leg like at all. it hasnt been a good week for me! but i dont care. Its nice outside so i wont waste my time cryin about it!
  3. Wow some injuries happened to ya? Through skateboarding? too bad that U got hurt though IŽll get back, but it wonŽt be soon
  4. oh and i bit a small whole in my toungue... i guess i am just having a bad week. all my teacher had to say was "thats why we dont chew gum in class)
  5. Hey cutie...The grossest, coolest thing just happened to me and it was actually quite painful! But it was awesome! I will tell you what happened when you get back, if you wanna know! BTW, i think my ankle is broken from it!
  6. I got hurt... I was skitching and I fell off the skateboard when I went off the jump. The back of my leg got all torn up by the bike tire!
  7. I wonŽt argue about that with U Noodles just seems more kind, relaxed n opened kinda person HeŽs definitely my fav. from the band

    I can NOT believe you said that! Dex is waaayyyy better!
  9. go to facebook please i left you a message!
  10. I hope you come on soon!!!!!!!!!
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