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  1. How´s it goin´ Sam?
  2. Ok I´ll try
  3. Same, i have an after school one. I wanna quit it, but i need the money:/
    Maybe in the forums part of that site i might be there? i think i have a few posts up and it should say my user name
  4. Yeah I have. A very shitty job! Nah U weren´t there. Maybe I wasn´t looking for ya enough
  5. Awesome =P
    When i leave school, i plan on getting lots of piercings, and tattoos. Do you have a job?

    And couldnt you find me on that site? thats weird. I should be there?
  6. No I´m not. Graduated 2 years ago. I´ve got no piercings or tats, but I´m gonna have many when there´ll be more free cash to spend I checked that site recently n I guess I´m join that community, but I was lookin´ for U there with no effect
  7. Just got another piercing yesterday, and now i am just sitting around listening to music <3 and dreading school next week. I hate school. Im happy its my last year:P
    Are you still at school?
  8. I still haven´t time to check that out I worked n finally got a day free today N went drunx yesterday What about U Punk girl?
  9. lol I find its a really good site Tell me what you think of it XD.
    So what you bee nup to?
  10. Ok I´m gonna check that site n if likin´ it then I´m there too 4 sure
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