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  1. Yeah, the place I am living in is really nice
    Since the city is basically overcrowded with students looking for rooms, it took me 3 weeks of living in a hostel to find a place. But then this place was really worth the wait.
    I have been here since August 31st now.
    If you would like to visit Groningen, I will gladly welcome you here!
  2. Congratulations! How long have you been living here now? Got a nice place to live?
  3. Hey, how is it going?
    Just wanted to tell you that I am now an official resident of the Netherlands
    And Groningen is really a quite cool city!
  4. Ok, I have also heard very positive stuff about the university. I am going to study psychology (english taught) there.
  5. Well, to be quite honest Groningen is the only big city in The Netherlands that I have never visited or even been close to. But friends of mine studied there and they all liked it, or at least didn't complain about it.
    So what is it that you're going to study there?
    But you should talk to Rutegard as she also has talked about studying there.
  6. Hey, I am going to study in Groningen... what's your opinion on it and have you ever been to Groningen?
  7. Hey, could you please do the usual stickying/unstickying work for the Artist of the Month, July (coke_a_holic created that one) and the Artist of the Month, June thread?
    Congratulations on being in the final, by the way! I hope we'll get to see Germany - Netherlands in the final
  8. Nice! I also went to town to watch the german game and had a great time. Although there were many people who celebrated the game as if Germany had just won the world cup which I can't understand. It's still a long way to go and things could change very quickly.
  9. Well a went to some cafe/pub in the center to watch the game. But a victory isn't enough for us spoiled supporters. The play was actually quite bad. But I had a great day, so I celebrated yeah!
  10. Thanks! Are you celebrating the victory over Denmark, by the way?
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