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  1. Found this the other day. A bit one-sided, but still a fun read:
  2. Hah, first time I read that, I thought you made your friends' parents clean up your room! But things have been hectic the last couple of days. I'm almost done with taking my drivers' license, I took the entrance exam for The Journalist school (I'll get the result in about three weeks), and I'm in the midst of exams. Today was my last day of school, so I have vacation until the next exam.
  3. could say that! I went to lunch with a good friend and their parents, cleaned up my room, packed, had some Mike and Ike candies, and then watched 6 hours of Law and Order SVU! So yeah I had a good day! How have you been dude?
  4. You're welcome! Had a good day?
  5. Hey dude! Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  6. Happy birthday, Birch!
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