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  1. I totally agree with you about Fix You! With the track Rise and Fall...just read the lyrics and think of Green's interesting...
  2. Now that you mention it, RAFRAG does kind of come off (at least my impression at this moment) as a sort of “response” to American Idiot. I’ve been obsessing over the last three tracks, Fix You seems to give off this huge “Dirty Magic” vibe.
  3. I'm going to have to pick that up now. So, I got the album today and listened to each song while reading the lyrics. I am now under the impression that Dexter is blasting on Green Day in Rise and Fall. It could also mean other things...but whatever.
  4. Ha!, That’s pretty cool. Oh, thought you may like this, although you may already be familiar with it. Check out “Gates of Fire” by Steven Pressfield ) Its an amazing novel about Thermopylae, if they never adapted 300 they should have gone with this one. The guy is a great author, and knows his history. Makes for great summer reading.
  5. Sweet! Alright, here is the story: I'm reading the book "Thermopylae: The Battle for the West" by Ernle Bradford and I've found out that many of the phrases that are in the movie were actually said. Apparently the Spartans had a great dry wit and even had a type of 'phrase' named after them, the Laconic Phrase. Lines in the movie such as "then we'll fight in the shade" were typical Laconic Phrases. One that stuck out to me was when Leonidis called out the Arcadians and how many soldiers they brought. That is a true story, but years later during a war between Athens and Sparta. I found that interesting.
  6. Yeah, its good that we shouldn’t get too worked up those type of threads, plus offspringhead, and that bighead guy are complete assholes anyways. And yeah, I’ve got the 300 dvd, so I’m fairly familiar with it, what’s the story?
  7. Ok, question: Have you seen the movie 300 or are you familiar with it? (I have a story tied to this after your answer so hang with me.)

    Second: I have now been blasted by bighead. He said something about me just wanting to score points and ignoring everyones argument and opinions. I replied brilliantly, and Little Miss is somewhat on my side, as is Thomas. Some people are getting volatile about this so I'm going to take the high ground.
  8. I'm laughing at the fact that he just contradicted himself big time. He is a massive bag of douche...that is quite the posting history.
  9. You should check out some of his posting history, the guy is a douche. As soon as I saw the thread title, and who posted it I knew where it was going…..

    I’m also really laughing at his arguments, such as his use of percentages.
  10. Oh I'm having fun. I love idiots like Offspringinghead or whatever his name is.
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