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  1. Oooppssssssssss
  2. Learn to spell.
  3. Boredomg Kills Man
  4. I'm replying to This At School Dude

    Yeah but I'm glad he went to college!

    Did you go to school today?

    I gots some chucks yesterday
  5. What the hell he can't do that what a dick.
  6. Soory bout that
    I cant go on that much anymore
    and My Bro blocked myspace so I wont be on that for like a year
    But I'm gonna kick him in the nuts
  7. ...Well it's about time you replied...
  8. AM NOT!!!
  9. Who's my bitch!? YOU ARE! HAHAHA kidding.
  10. Wad up my homedawg?
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