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  1. Thanks for the greeting.
  2. Happy birthday!!
  3. Hey, Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I havent ben around here much!! I hpoe u had a great one!!
  4. Hey!! How have u been? Cute u have a hamster. I have a guniea pig named Wisher!! Did u c who was on this board?? Check out Ryders comments
  5. I collect little things that catch my eye and look good on a shelf. I have so much useless stuff thanks to that.
  6. Thanks!! I have a giant collection. Hundreeds and hundreeds. Been collecting em since the age of 8! I have over a hundreed of different beach balls!
  7. I like the pic with the giant inflatable Gumbi.
  8. Take a look at my new pictures I just uploaded in here!! Which one should I pick for my avatar??
  9. I have to go to school tomorrow, for a meeting. I'm in student council.
  10. You are so right!!!
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