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  1. hey aren't u a guy?i just now noticed LOL
  2. Christmas came way too early this year, but what's to complain about?
    Everyone's glad.
  3. yes indeed! I ADORE CHRISTMAS
    i'm really glad your mom is ok
  4. Ya I fixed it yay!
    Not really. My mom's not really sick anymore. And I joined in the new Christmas fad! My avatar is amazing.
  5. lol u DID IT anything new with u?
  6. I think so, but Facebook hates me. It won't accept any password I give it, even if I change it. :| I can't log in. I'll try again, though.
  7. not really actually we've lost many lessons in college and i'm getting a bit bored..:S and you?
    hey i added u on Facebook did u get it?
  8. I'm good. Anything new going on?
  9. oh i'm fine and u?
  10. Hello! How are you?
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