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  1. It's usually wet here. Even in dry summers, there's this one patch of grass in my yard that stays wet.

    In the download link for the covers, ALLM has been updated to a version where i'm in the "wanted you got it" part.
  2. That must suck. It's so dry here normally.
  3. Here after it rains, the grass gets all muddy, and it gets fucking cold. Except sometimes it's warm when it rains. That's awesome.
  4. I've only seen babies, except at the pet store.
    It's so awesome down here after it rains. All the lizards and stuff come out of the ground and everything turns green.
  5. Haha. I've never even seen a gecko.
  6. It's like the third one, too.
  7. Haha!how the fuck did that get there?
  8. There was just a baby gecko in the bathtub. My dad made me take it out.
  9. We dont even have a fence going around our school. We're allowed to go anywhere.
    My school is so lax as well. They don't give a shit if you smoke on campus (I don't smoke though)
  10. No, they lock the gates, and put at least two monitors at each gate. Gay.
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