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  1. Sorry I haven't been on much. Yeah I'm out of school.
  2. ohai long time no talk
    sup? you out of school yet?
  3. Yeah, lame.
    So what's up?
  4. lame 101010
  5. Probably. They made too many new rules between my 9th grade year and my 10th grade year.
  6. lame. were you going on the forums to much at school?
  7. Maybe. Stuff's been clearing up at home and instead of being upset all the time I'm just bored after school and I'll need something to do. The worst thing is they blocked the forums at school.
  8. I don't really fell bad about that though, because either we kept it to the postcount thread, or did it during the hours where everyone on this side of the earth was going to sleep and the other side was waking up. So it wasn't as distruptive.

    So anyways whats up, you gonna visit here more often?
  9. I'm reading Jakebert's thread about the members taking over threads and now it makes me feel bad because we used to do it a lot...
    Hey, so I don't start a useless thread about it, my one-year membership of the board is coming up next month. It's probably the longest I've stayed on a bbs, ever.
  10. yes on and off the boards for me lol.
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