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  1. whatta homos!
  2. Facebook hates my password. Every time I try to log in it says the email and password don't match, then I have to get a new password. Bull.
    And nobody on MySpace wants one, apparently.
  3. I don't know, I'll check.
  4. so did anyone get it yet? or was anyone even on myspace at the time
  5. Just did.
    I'm looking through the Facebooks of the people at my school, and everyone is someone who doesn't like me so far.
  6. go on myspace and say "bitch get facebook!"
  7. Okay...Maybe once school starts again.
    Then I can use force to get them to listen to me.
  8. tell them to get facebook.
  9. All my friends only have MySpace, I know that for a fact.
  10. i like it. if you say which school network you're in as well, it will show other people from your school and you can find your friends with facebook.

    also remember Abadon? hes the one who looks like hes taking a dump in my profile pic lol.
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