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  1. So...we're really in the same time zone? I don't understand.
    Sorry about the hockey. It reminds me of a soccer game I had in PE where I scored all the goals (amazingly--my team was shocked) but we still lost.
  2. Well, from reading your reply I learned that we are ten minutes apart.
    My reply time: 1:10 AM (around there)
    Your reply time: 1:40 AM
    And you said it was 1:30 over there. I is a genius.
  3. You should join my forums. There's a link in my sig, and it's set as my homepage.
    Don't not join because it's boring right now. If you join, we'd have...(counts)...Five members.
    Plus I need someone to check and see if the Offspring background is working, my computer's being a bitch.
    ...What? I'm confuzzling myself...Maybe I should go to bed...
  5. I'm worse than Obang? YES!
  6. Dude! You sigged me!
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