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  1. a few of the people in my family have been in army and 2 in war
  2. Most people on here do! I now have a FaceBook! I told you, Lynn is my middle name. I am against war, but not against fighting it to make it stop. I want to join the Air Force. As for hating the American Army, I would appreciate if you didn't say that. I have friends fighting for our country right now. I have also had family in previous wars. I disagree with what they are doing and I disagree with war but if it will help it stop, I am not totally against it. I think Offspring should ask them to stop, but not sue. That makes Offspring look like the bad guys, even though they are abusing their music!
  3. i saw ur post about the army and stuff usin offspring songs... i think they should stop, i mean what if they get the taliban mad at offspring
  4. Okay, you don't have to, I don't care.
  5. i have never said my last name to any one on here cept livy. lynn is my middle name!
  6. Well, you've said it to me :P
  7. how the hell do you have my last name?
  8. well U've said that youre name is Cassidy, and I also have somewhere your last name..
    Anyways, I also have a facebook account, and no one has facebook account/name as I am. Which means I'm the only one
  9. Rasta Peter Griffin. I got that shirt for my brother for Christmas. i am not avoiding. Other than one person, I do not give anyone my FaceBook account. I will tell you I looked up my name and i am the only person with that name on all of FaceBook!
  10. Hey! Little miss avoiding me, do you have that damn facebook account? Cause i'm more on facebook than here :P
    U can send me youre facebook adress in p.m.
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