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  1. Wow sounds like a good show.
    I heard Greece is amazing.Im hopeing one day I'll go there.
    I hope you do well at you're gig and a lot of people come to see it.
    Hope all goes well.
  2. Thanks man! I'm really glad that i'm you're awsomest friend
    I've been on Exit festival here, for 4 days, and seen Placebo, Suicidal tendencies, Chemical Brothers, Mika, and Faith No More! FNM was the best act definitivly..
    Here's now really hot, but in monday I'll be on a road to Greece summer vacation, so, it's just great
    I'll be having a gig tomorrow so I better get some sleep :P
    How are you doing my friend?
  3. I could never forget one my awsomest friends
    It's ok if you dont respond,I havn't been on in a while anyway.Don't worry it's cool.Lately the weather here has been real hot,but next month me and my family will be visiting my uncle in Georgia and he says "It's a whole different kind of hot down there!"
    I'm doing ok,how about you?
  4. Hey man! I'm glad you've posted and rememberd me!
    Sorry for me not responding to you.. :S
    Heh, weather here is right now - HOT as in Hell!
    How's it at you'r place?
    What;s up with you man?
  5. Hey dude!
  6. Kinda, It's not really too hot or too cold around here.
    Plus out of nowhere the other day it was like over 90 degrees which was real hot for us at this time of year.It broke the record for "the most hot day in the spring" or something.
    I hopethe rain stops soon at you're place.
  7. Nice.. yeah, but it's fucking raining :/
    Better weather @ you're place?
  8. I've been alright,not much to do.But summer is coming soon
  9. How are you mate?
  10. awsome to hear that
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