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  1. Ditto & Kudos.
  2. i agree...
  3. dam you've becoming such a naughty boy and i like it a lot and keep it up rocking hard xD

    dats great to hear man just doing your business which is so cool yeah live it to the fullest like if there was no tomorrow ok dude

    as for my arse, nothings new dawg just here and there lurking at those hotties but other than dat though taking an absence like a break from school and the Economy is Errors lol
    there are no hiring jobs and dats some retarted fucked up shit and i am so totally out of it
  4. I been doin' fine. Nowadays I don't really post on here other than to spam and cause trouble. How about you?
  5. dude fuck it like i give a shit haha

    let em delete my posts those cunts hehe u been boy? i miss u loads!

  6. Is shitteen sixty five deleting your posts!? What a fuckin' bitch!
  7. I'm trippin' fo' 'bout the delete of posts.
  8. Hey, whats up man? I miss you dude. xD

    Who keeps on deleting my posts? Erugh...
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