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  1. ddf_punk....what's up??
  2. yay sure come to Greece
  3. No worries And if we ever play in Greece, I will let you know
  4. wow thats great!!dont forget about us when u become famous ok?xD hehe
  5. I write both music and lyrics, and sing and play guitar
  6. ur band?that's great!!!do u write music or lyrics?
  7. Haha... I am fine.. it is finally hot in my country And I have a gig with my band on thursday, so I am excited.
  8. pdf_puuuuunk how r u dude?xD
  9. Thank you I appreciate it very much!
  10. Dear pdf_punk... Merry Xmas and a Happy New Yeeeeeaaaaarand Happy Bday and Happy Name so many wishes in one msg LOL
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