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  1. Thank you! My birthday was nice, but I hope to party a bit more soon in Montenegro
  2. May you have a great birthday! Okrzyki!
  3. Hey Sorry, I felt asleep yesterday I'm gonna wait on the station, hopefully I can find it Sure, I'll send you my number in a moment so we can stay in touch. I'm arriving to Prague tomorrow, so it might be impossible for me to use the Internet.
  4. Awesome! So, we may need to exchange numbers or something just to be sure we meet Are you going to wait for us at the station or do you want to meet somewhere else?
  5. Hehe, I'm always prepared for parties, especially some after Offspring show party yeah, I regret too that not that many of Polish people is going to come to a Czech show, since it's not far away, but I hope we're gonna have some nice time anyway Ahh, I so much can't wait for the Tuesday
  6. We're arriving on Tuesday and some of us are staying in a hotel for a night, so be prepared for some after-party too! Pity not all cz/sk members can come, but there will be a couple of us. I've never experienced it either, it's gonna be an awesome feeling
  7. Are you arriving on Monday or Tuesday? It's going to be so much fun to meet all of you guys And yes, I also thought that we might be the ones who'll hear the new songs for the first time I've never experienced it before,so it would be even cooler
  8. Hey there! Me and some other slovakian people from the forums will arrive to Prague at 12:19 on the main station, so we can meet there somewhere and go for a beer Other people will probably come later and call me or something. It's gonna be really great, probably we will be the first lucky people to hear a brand new song!
  9. hey hey So, have you set the date and time of Offspring fans meeting in Prague? ahh, it's gonna be the first show on the tour, it's gonna be so awesome!!
  10. Hehe, thanks a lot! I already had hangover today actually, because I decided to make my birthday party yesterday, as I'm going to Bulgaria tomorrow
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