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  1. hehe, I actually understood all of it ! leje browary cale dnie
    Well, next time you come here we will change that!
  2. hehehe jasne że ide piwo dobra rzecz
    I still regret that when I was in Slovakia I didn't drink alcohol
  3. yeah, but we slovaks cannot be ashamed too
    idzesz na piwo kobieta?
  4. yep, I have the same after wine. and my stomach doesn't tolerate wine at all...
    hehehe, Poland alkoholand, right we're known as the nation of people who likes drinking
  5. Yeah, I heard somewhere "Poland alkoholand" well I dont like wine either, I stopped drinking it, head hurts so much the next day...
  6. Offspring shirt will be perfect for this occasion I think beer and vodka are basic beverages for most of drunkers in our part of Europe and cheap wine, here in Poland, but I personally don't like it
  7. I think I am even gonna wear one of my Offspring shirts, hehe Hell yeah I will have a good time. And I have nothing against vodka, it is one of the basic alcoholic beverages
  8. no wonder, punk and beer is like a perfect couple have a good time then and drink all Offspring fans' health
    hmm, so I'm vodkatotaller
  9. Nope, I am a beertotaller Tonight I am going on a punk rock show and will drink loads of beers, so very lookin forward
  10. hehehe so good that you're not a teetotaller
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