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  1. Hey girl, have a great happy birthday and not much hangover tomorrow Cheers!
  2. Sorry that I didn't write it yesterday, first I was too busy to use computer and then I was too drunk Anyway, happy birthday! May Offspring be with you and all your wishes come true And also, a happy new year of course
  3. thanks!
    too bad so maybe you wanna come to Warsaw, my flat is small but at least my parents won't be there at that time the biggest party I've made there was for 8 people and I have no idea where they slept because I felt asleep as the first and when I woke up some of them were already gone but I can make quite good food at every time, no matter it's day or night and it's eatable even if I'm drunk while cooking
  4. Merry christmas to you too! Unfortunately, I screwed things up a little bit, so probably there will not be any New Years Eve celebration for Offspring fans at my place :/
  5. hey hey! merry Christmas!
    so, are there any further information about New Year's Eve maybe?
  6. Okaaaayyyyy Woohoo, you made me happy, I'm so looking forward to have an Offspring party I'm waiting for information then
  7. Hehe, great So I will negotiate with my parents and when it will be 100% official I will let you know, okay?
  8. nooo, it's not a kind of naughty person We won't destroy anything, we're both not agressive at all
  9. I just hope that you will be responsible enough and that person is not capable to destroy everything in my appartment
  10. Yeah, count 2 people I guess it will be good if not I'll go to the shop to buy more alcohol so everyone will be happy anyway
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