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  1. awesome..yeh i play little bits of rum bass and guitar and sing in a band youse have any songs?
  2. im working on some project with a friend,we are planning to perform as a duo,where were both gonna play guitar and sing,its gonna be like listening to amy mcdonald and kate nash with electric guitars,im anxious of getting on stage once again,weve spent a fortune on ourstudio,but i believe is gonna be worth it,do you play an instrument or something?
  3. haha exams man, fukn shit, so yeh octobers pretty fukd up 4 me aswell haha..

    so hows ur muisc goin man?
  4. hey,its been a while,ive been fine,tho,october is a month that alwas makes me feel down,so its the month when i drink the most
    and you??
  5. haha yeh this shops good, cos they let us buy smokes hahaha, so how u been man>??
  6. lol,its always useful a good shop near school so you can go and get wasted there :d
  7. yeh i spose, but most of the people that were there are known as "the smokers", cos we smoke before school at the shop lol
  8. lol!didnt he smelled you?
  9. no what ur sayin man, i usually have a few cones before school but a few weeks ago the assistant principal caught me n a few mates off smokin n drinkn at recess haha, they culdnt prove nythn tho cos we butted our cigs out and when they found the bottle of beer we sed it was alredy there haha
  10. not much,busy with school,its quite hard,besides that ive just drunk ,ineed alcohol if i want to stand this goddamn school :s
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