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  1. well i mean finished the term, theres one more term this year and im done til next year..

    yeah il probably be busy as well ive gt about 3 assignments to hand in..
    so what else have u been up to?
  2. just finished?thatīs cool!have fun!oh,i just got back,itīs ok,but now im a bit busy :s
  3. yeah it has beena while eh.
    im pretty good, just finished school and now i get 2 weeks holidays, hows ur school situation goin?
  4. hey,bud,its been a while,uh?how youve been and stuff?
  5. haha drunk at skool, i didnt get caught when i was..and yeh it is full of em
  6. i got kickd for getting drunk at school,and itīs ok the other thing,i was expecting this people to act that way,this place is full of douches
  7. hey man also sorry bout that gay thread made bout you, all those faggots shuld mind their own buisness
  8. shit..that sucks man, whatd you get kicked out for?
    oh nothin much, just started term3 at school so yeah not much..
  9. hey,bro!oh,iīve been a bit busy,thatīs why,iīve been trying to convince the people pf my school (where i was kicked from) so i could go to another school without having to repeat the last semester :S
    what about you?
  10. hey man, havent talked in ages.
    whats goin on?
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