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  1. haha it does hurt sumtimes
  2. yeah,iīve done that,i almost drown the firts time i did :S
  3. haha..sure do..
    next time yo hav a can of beer or summthn hav a sip n leav it in ur mouth than hav a draw of a cig and swallow, in like 5 mins u burp up all the smoke
  4. yeah,fags rule
  5. haha i dont eat brekkie quite a heavy smoker tho
  6. lol,i started smoking until this year,but now the first thing i do in the day is torching 2 fags even though i puke them most of the time beacause i donīt eat breakfast.
  7. haha, same as.. havent got smashed these holidays, but i rekn iv smoked my own bodyweight in cigarettes
    well, i hoo you get drunk soon :P
  8. hey,bro!nothing really,these have been some boring vacations
    i havenīt even gone to drink with my friends,i got wasted yesterday but it was at home
    what about u??how youīve been??
  9. hey man.
    whats goin on?
  10. k..thankx..

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