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  1. me neither,´the bst source i know is
  2. yeh...well my real names jack lol..

    do you know ill be waiting, wanna learn it but i cant find good tabs nywhere..
  3. oh yeah,some songs have easy intros but hard chords,yeah,i forgot about "fix you",i can play that too
    hey,what´s your name?
  4. shit thats heaps...dirty magic, vultures,head around you,the noose,beheaded,americana,come out and play, self esteem,fix you,jennifer lost the war,blackball,out on patrol,LAPD,get it right,original prankster and thas bout it i think..

    and defy you..but some of the songs are on intros n stuff..
  5. hi,dude,mmmm,let me think (god,i hate thinking )
    beheaded,blackball,dirty magic,gotta get away,coap,self esteem,what happened to you?,gone away,i choose,americana,have you ever,staring at the sun,pay the man,she´s got issues,vultures,conspiracy of one,want you bad,autonomy,the noose,head around you,spare me the details,defy you,can´t repeat,hammerhead and simu,yeah,stuff like that ,and you?
  6. hey man..
    what offspring songs can u play on guitar?
    just curious
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