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  1. nirvana unplugged and ramones raw
  2. whats th ramones one called and whats th nirvana one called??
  3. heyy yeah sure. I'll bring your movies too lol dyu want the ramones one too ?
  4. hey sam, u shuld bring that nirvana dvd to skool for me 2 morrow
  5. we got school tuesday, you going ?
  6. lol...
    Hey jack
  7. awesome!!

    hey sam
  8. jackk.... It's here ,in my hands lol
    I wont be in wagga till thursday night cos im going to canberra or some shit with my dad and bro lol
    so unless I get it to ya today you wont get it till like friday :/
    what are you doing today??
  9. oh .. cool I was starting to get worried lol
    yer well it said a week and I think I bought it a week ago .... I danno but it should be here soon (Y)

    yer.. my holidays have been alright ... kinda boreing tho I havn't been anywhere or done anything, stuck at home with my family who are like fighting mega heaps >.< lol
    what a bout you ?
  10. BTW:
    Kevin: We never talk about my glasses; they're cool! We talk about Greg's penis, we can talk about my glasses.
    Ron: Really fuckin' big man.
    Brian: Yeah, just for the record, Greg has the biggest penis in the band. It's 7 1/4".We all got drunk and...
    Flipside Magazine 1989
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