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  1. lol yeh it dont matta what it is

    as long as i get it in th end..
    so how ur holidays been so far?
  2. Haha yer it's still pre good tho (Y)

    Nah not yet ,hopefully it will be here tomorrow or the next..... anyway I'll message you when I have it

    Um I don't think it's a dvd I'm pre sure it was a vhs that you sent me 2 with the link... u know that right ??
  3. lol..thats a weird vid..haha to many stuff ups b4 u actually get in2 it..

    has my americana DVD came yet, cos i burned a heap of sex pistols n offspring n nirvana 4 you
  4. I just found your band on youtube....
  5. HHAHA... yer everyone is curious about my penis lol
  6. LOL..SEE everyones askn u bou ur penis VV
  7. lol heyy shut up... (:
  8. haha ur a junior member still..i jus became a senior
  9. 0 posts..
  10. I befriended you. (: lol
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