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  1. uh idk, must not of been anything important haha
    wats doing
  2. nope havent herd of em, what did that msg say that u deleted?
  3. Regular John and Shamon Son r playin b4 offspring at th concert
    hav u heard of them bands?
  4. dunno, but im getn my tix ths week
  5. mad as.. Well my tik is 4 'floor 2', wateva tht is I dunno but I hope it's the front haha
    wat's brendans for?
  6. na havent got em yet, cos i cant buy shit off internet so i gotta get me auntie, but brendans got tix
  7. hey i just got tix 4 sydney
    hav u got urs yet?
  8. theyre alrite
  9. ugh pricks
    Dyu like them?
  10. haha dumbasses,

    yeh i think cody or sumone might of cos mr ireland was sayn he got different storys off every1
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