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  1. me and lindsay sat in that room for like a hour thinkin use were all getting worse that pisses me off but it's kinda funny lol haha
    did any1 write down tht the beer bottle was ours?
  2. cool get him 2 befriend me cos I cnt on mi mobile
  3. oi sam brendan signed up for these boards
  4. I didnt even hav tht much tho
    meh it was my first time
  5. haha quacking, sam got stoned!
  6. Ooh sydney dates are set

    uno th other nite wen I was walkin home I swear I cud hear ducks quacking!!! :/ lol
  7. awsum.....
  8. meh, probs brendan
  9. yeh hopefully I'll be pissed if can't haha
    who u going with
  10. haha coming to AUS im goin
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