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  1. hey! been to an Offspring show in Slovakia? no?
  2. Who knows? But they must return to Europe one more time! Maybe Polska will be sellected finally. And Slovakia. I would like to visit the ice hockey tournament in Sosnowiec in August, but in depends not on me. And we plan some meetting in Bratislava.
  3. I know I should but I can't find dff_punk and you
    I looked on people who was in Hradec Kralove and I can't recognize you and dff_punk
    I hope When The Offspring arrival to Poland on concert ( I can dream about this ) I will see you and dff_punk ? Right ;>
  4. At one moment, I could touch him, but after several waves, he dissapeared and I havenīt seen him anywhere. I was there only on friday, since Donots played. Than we had an afterparty with RAFRAG, You should be there.
  5. Why for a while ?
    I thought that people who was next to me broken my leg lol
    My leg lodged in fence and all people jumped and pushed
    Are You was only on The Offspring concert ?
  6. Yeah, there was a tall punk, taller than I, another boy, and a girl, maybe more of them. So we practically met, and dff-punk was near me too for a while.
  7. Yes I was near the stage I was on the right of stage
    I think you stand next to fans from my city (Sosnowiec)Because on camping near my tent were people from Sosnowiec and they has offspring's flag
  8. So, were you somewhere near the stage? There was a group of polish fans, in 4 or 5th row, where I was.
  9. Heyyyyyy
  10. Hey dude!!
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