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  1. You are a dick. I have Asperger's Syndrome and another form of Autism. That does not make someone "basically retarded". Autism is NOT something to joke about having for attention, you prick.
  2. I am soooo tired. I spent the day being head chef at a school fundraiser and I cooked all the spaghetti amd meatballs! Guess how many people I cooked for in one and a half hours!
  3. They would know whether or not you were telling the truth from the beginning. I think they found out you weren't telling the truth and it was a waste of space. Even if you were telling the truth, it was a useless thread. No offense to you...
  4. They deleted it because they found out I was telling the truth.
  5. And the punk'd thread is gone! Where did it go?
  6. I barely post here anymore. I have no reason to fight with people over this. I'm telling the truth.
  7. No, I'm not joking. I purposely made it seem like I accidentally messed up and posted from both accounts.
  8. yeah you are. you admitted it in the thread. u said u did it on purpose and they knew cuz of the IP address.
  9. I dunno what you're talking about with the army. But I am not ICNB. It's the truth. That guy shouldn't be banned.
  10. so r u in jersey or where ever iChoose said he was. Are you in the army. Is that actually what you look like?
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