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  1. oh hey^^

    yeah i was busy the last time.
    and since the new offspring album is out, i have no need to stay here any longer

    i just check the board for visitor messages sometimes, haha^^

    you may have my msn or icq addy if you wanna stay in contact^^

    see ya
  2. haven't seen you around here for awhile...
  3. yeah, my grandpa lived in iraq for 2 years, before 10 years.. and he told me about that culture pretty much..they write from the right to the left side...and magazines and newspapers begin from the right side....I even had one in my hands.. it looks so funny....and the seems soo hard to me..
  4. haha, yeah, but you have to learn the basics before^^
    and the problem with arabic is, that they've got a whole different lettering.
    my girlfriend can write in arabic.. woah that's really some crazy shit, haha^^
  5. yeah, I noticed that he does that to me, too..!
    I think my parents pay extra money for those channels..
    I really don't know why...cause it's the same in every other country i think.....maybe not, I don't know....but I would like to know german....and so all my friends do...
    yeah, you canalso have here some private lessons of any language you want...
  6. wow.. natonal geographic? I even don't have this as a german, haha^^

    oh such a pity, you really got the worst channels
    don't think we only watch shitty shows like big brother n stuff
    at least i hate it.

    maybe i could get all those chanels if i would buy a reciever and pay extra money.. but i definatley won't, haha^^

    do you know why germany is the most learned language beside english?
    in germany it's spanish and french... but we may learn everything if we want to and many learn very exotic languages^^

    i wanna learn turkish and arabic

    causde my girlfriend speaks arabic.

    by the way, this sipptarrowsky guy pisses me off^^
    i always write so long texts and he ignores everything important and picks up one mistake i made.. thats kinda annoying
  7. what..? you mean, you don't have discovery or animal planet or explorer channel..?
    the most learned are english and german..and french is the third..then spanish and italian..
    I got rtl, rtl 2, viva, national geographic(german), and more but can't remember at the moment..
  8. wow, that will be cool, im gonna teach you... i am actually good in german, haha^^

    i didn't know you got german tv or that you may learn german.. what are the most languages learned in serbia?

    we only got german tv, just a few channels from france and switzerland maybe.. but nothing else.. oh and rtl really sucks, so nevermind
  9. happens to me a find a very good movie on rtl or some other german channel...and then realize that I can't watch it cause of the stupid translation.... I could really smash the tv in those situations... BUT
    I'm starting the high school 1st year this september...AND my second language will be German...SO.....
  10. yeah i know,i like the fact that people from learn english movies^^

    the german actors who speak ro them are also well chosen. They are very professional actors and it mostly fits perfect. I also know the english voices, sometimes i like em better, somtimes i like the german voices better^^
    Often they sound pretty similiar.

    you think audio trsnlation is good for cartoons but not for movies?^^
    nah.. i prefer enjoying movies without reading subtitles, cause you can't always watch and you miss so muc.. beside, the're just annying.. but i guess we're too spoiled in germany anyway.
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