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  1. Sounds like you'll be having such a fun time!

    Going to the beaches in July! June's weather not so hot.
  2. Are you in spring break now? What are your plans for the summer?

    That's so cool, now you can enjoy your time and stuff. Same here.
  3. Hey, I'm fine, thanks. How You been?

    That's awesome! Have a sweet time!
  4. Hey you those are some pretty damn nice bands!

    Yeah, I am familiar with a couple of them.
  5. What other stuff do you listen to?
  6. Yes, of course I do! The Offspring performed with them live, have you seen it on youtube?
  7. The Offspring & Young the Giant

    - A variety of good music is great to be an openminded persona.
  8. Interests? I don't know what I am passionate about.
  9. Awesome!

    I can't break dance, lol.
  10. Wow, your only 14. You make me feel so old!

    I see you like to break-dance and stuff.
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