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  1. The status is somewhere on my page... it was only a couple days ago!
  2. You missed my old status from a few days ago on facebook. I said "If you're a MASShole like me, "Like" this status"! HAHA
  3. I just went to a Worcester Tornadoes game on Friday. It was fun, but we lost 11-4...

    When writing or typing "Worcester" I still pronounce each sound though! LOL
  4. You know your from Boston when "You pahk ya cah in the grage at Fenway Pahk" LOL
  5. Cool... yeah I am in Massachusetts... Is the Comcast Center the one in Mansfield? People that aren't from Massachusetts have no idea how to say "Worcester"... I also have a Boston accent HAHAHA
  6. I have one.. never opened though! I sent you a friend request on FB, btw. I notice ur from Boston! Cool!
  7. Hey dude! Were they selling Gringo at the show? I would really like to buy some more without a shipping fee!
  8. HEY! I absolutely LOVe you for the pics and videos! i noticed that in pic 9 a dudes wearin a flip flop on their hand and i love pic 17! I like papa roach too! Thnx a mil dude!
  9. Hey there, thanks alot! Yep that is my artwork, I take graphic design and I drew it out of inspiration
  10. I love the avatar! Is that your artwork
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