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  1. haha yeah dude
  2. wow that's just plain fucked up HAHA
  3. shes 12. haha
  4. hahahahahaha how old is she
  5. haha yeah. I said to my friend " we should show my sister lol", and he was like "lets do it", and I said "dude i wasnt being serious", so then he said "I dont care... hey Lauren! (her name), do you want to see the grosest thing ever?"

    the funny thing was, she didnt get it. she was like "what is that?" and i was like "what does it look like?" " i dont know, is that diareah coming out of her butt?" (lol butt)
    "No Shit!"
  6. hahahhaha thats fucked up dude, your little sister?!?!?!
  7. LMAO hahaha.
    Showed my little sister, now she's scarred for life
  8. you asked and you received lmao
  9. i fuckin own lol
  10. Poser Poser Poser.
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