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  1. hey yeh im pretty sure I will be, but im not 100% sure cos I havn't exactly talked about it with my mum yet lol
    are you??
  2. hey, are you going to the Sydney show?
  3. thts sweet as! happy 18th
    me nd jack(SMASHedTHEignition) know each other personally, we are pretty good mates. But we dnt no beaker, only know him thru here haha
    So will you be goin to there concert in sydney when they tour there ??
  4. so you all know each other personally? I just turned 18, so I hope Sydney gets a whole let better haha
  5. hey pretty good thanx, u ??
    yeh theres like three from wagga. me, SMASHedTHEignition and beaker
    ur from sydney, i love sydney lol
  6. Hey, hows it going? I swear someone else here is from Wagga
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