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  1. Hey, if you have twitter follow me @DMelges
  2. Loved it man! Would like to see some more of your artwork though. Try putting more stuff up!
  3. Hey man! I got that album up if you wanna check it out. I found an older picture of my tattoo so it's up there lol
  4. I did the angel for very personal reasons as well. But I did the tattoo on my arm, with the chains. As if the angel were chained to me. Represents alot to me. Put some of your work in your album for us to check out =]
  5. Well, the tattoo for me was a very personal image. I listened to RAFRAG during tough times, and the tattoo of the angel being 'unchained' was the symbolism for being free. 'Self liberation', as Dexter would put it. Hope that makes sense! lol Nicely done! I took courses and graduated this February. I love using the Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator etc)
  6. Why didn't you tattoo the chains? Yeah I learned graphic design by myself, but I'm doing a course right now.
  7. Yeah it looks the same, except the angel on my back doesn't have the chains. That's pretty cool! Did you go to school for graphic art, or do you just do freelance and learn by yourself? I'll check the sig out
  8. Thanks man. Does your tattoo look pretty much the same?
    Yeah I'm a graphic designer too and love doing Offspring related stuff. I just put up a new signature.
  9. Yeah I checked it out! AMAZING. You have Offspring-ish artwork too :P it looks great man. I'm a graphic designer, and I've made a few Offspring posters as well. I'll make an album on my page and let you know when it's up. That does sound a bit easier to do! lol
  10. Sure man, or just make an album on your Offspring account and let me know when it's up there. Did you check out mine ?
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