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  1. Hey Dan, I can send a picture of my tattoo your way around tonight or tomorrow, is that okay?
  2. Send me a picture of your tattoo man!
  3. I'll definitely check it out man. Maybe I can post some tattoo pics here later on!
  4. hahaha that's awesome. Check out my album and look at my tattoo pictures. Would like to see your tat too =]
  5. Hey Dan! Hell yeah, Offspring ink brothers for sure I will definitely post those videos! I only got 10 seconds of Half-Truism though I tried to capture the fireworks going off and then the crowd went insane, so I was being thrown around and had to stop filming. However I can post the rest of those videos up here pretty soon. I agree when it comes to the setlist; it was INCREDIBLE. I seriously couldn't believe it. Every song I wanted to hear was there. Once Gotta Get Away started, I flipped! lmao!
  6. Hey man! I have the RFRG Angel tattooed on my arm. Guess that makes us Offspring-Ink brothers. I check out your thread about the show you went to, and holy hell, you've probably had the best live set list in Offspring history. Could you please post some videos of the new song and half truism?
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