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  1. Ah ah travelling a lot, this is great Why Brazil ?
  2. Hope I can go to France one day...

    I'm from California, but I will be going to college in Brazil, and I am currently in Oklahoma USA, watching tons of snow fall.
  3. France and you ?

    I love the Simpsons ! That's maybe the only show I like to watch more than SP... but you can't really compare them I think... Family guy is fun to watch but to me, it simply isn't as funny as the 2 others...
  4. Yes I do, although I prefern Simpsons and Family Guy.

    Where are you from?
  5. I do a lot ! I created a Social Group here, if you want to join... but not much going on these days... I don't when the next episode will be... I suppose you like it too ?
  6. So you like South Park, huh? =]
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