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  1. One of the BEST DAYS EVER!
  2. Hey? What's up with you today?
  3. I highly doubt that...
  4. What do you think of this? It's my first self-portrait! Please don't comment on the lettering, I know it's sloppy and terrible!

    Uploaded with
  5. i went to a baseball game today and it was AWESOME!
  6. It was black and white... it had a pic of dexter and it said dexter12296566 on it...
  7. BTW... would you mind sending me the wallpaper you made again? since then i got my own computer.... that was on my dads. please and thank you
  8. i decided to come back today because i joined today 1 year ago
  9. the beginning of april-ish time... this time i didnt blow up though, i just kinda left...
  10. Hey... Long time no see... I decided to come back!
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