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  1. i am so frickin bored
  2. Hey... what's up?
  3. Cool...
    Have you ever eaten Ramen noodles without cooking them? It is really good!
  4. Haven't been around the bbs so much these days... but it seems like you're doing well =]
  5. Okay, so I have tried to be less annoying and stay on topic...
    How's it working?
  6. howdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. the other night i got sooooooo sick for no reason but heartburn but my mom was drunk and got me a glass of milk, then spilled it on the coffee table. Yesterday i realize when wiping it up, she did not move the coaster which is now stuck to the table and she had to pry it off with a butter knife

    one night there was a huge bang and my mom was drunk. we know she did it but we dont know what it is and there was qtips and cotton balls all over the bathroom floor!
  8. when my mom gets drunk she gets really happy but that is because she mixes it with claunopen which is an extremem muscle relaxer and anxiety medicine. She is drinkin a couple screwdrivers now
  9. lol!!!!!!!
  10. my mom is laughin like hell at alisons posts
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