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  1. That's wonderful! I hopes they do come your way! How was it?

    I have yet to see 'em live so I'm hoping here in CA. OMG! Yay!
  2. Yes they did, a few times. But I've only seen them live once.... hopefully they'll be coming back soon
  3. Did The Offspring ever stop at your country to play? If so, you a lucky man! xD
  4. It's just amusing. It's for kicks. LOL

    I live in Los Angeles. Dexter lives in LA.
  5. haha yeah I hate those fucking spammers. Don't know how they have the patience to spam so fucking much. Sorry about the cursing.

    Where do you live?
  6. PS no i'm not Cassidy Lynn. My name is Isabella.

    Take care.
  7. And the Head-Mods I bectha they hate it but its their job to clear out all threats and viruses etc. XD The band memebers are intitled too but us fans we must have rights.
  8. Why do people just come on here to Advertise or Spam on this Community? Like the Usernames are ridiculous. Ex. haha and then they get Banned. Sometimes I questioned myself analyzing that perhaps is just the haters or lamers or whatever. But who cares, just wanted to share this. SORRY. :-|
  9. Hey Dan, doesn't he say SLOW DOWN? Somewhere in the third verse or something though.
  10. The only main thing I don't suck at all is SINGing and DANCIng. I'd would love to do a duet with none other than Dexter Holland himself.
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