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  1. Happy Birthday Dude! Have a blast!
  2. I am not allowed to use MySpace!
  3. you can see photos of me on myspace!
  4. so u should post a pic of u!
  5. haha! yep!
  6. ya know... cute hot or anything along those lines(TIP: it is creepy when ppl rate themselves LOL)
  7. cute?! I don't know... as for the 'anything'.. I don't know what to tell you..
  8. what? i am not the kind to fit in. i am a bit different. so r ya cute or anything?
  9. ha! yep it's like this... so it shouldn't be hard for me to fit in... I've passed through a far more difficult situation...
  10. i still feel a bit new. it is like joining a new school. you feel a little left out from jokes of previous years for a good year or so. i dont feel too welcome here either
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