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  1. Yea dude, It would be great for all the simpsons fans, Offspring fans, and people who just wanna watch tv,
  2. yeah man...
    I think we should tell Matt Groening to do something with that...
  3. Yea, simpons and offspring are my favorite too.
    For the new 20th season they should make an episode were homer meets the guys,and Dexter,Noodles,Greg,and Pete guest star playing the voices.
  4. haha.. yeh..
    offspring is my favorite band and simpsons my favorite TV series...
    2 in 1... even though the offspring haven't play in any episodes yet...
  5. It's still cool, Homer kinda looks like the dude in the Pretty Fly video.
  6. hey man! thanx!
    no I didn't make it on my own..
    I found it somewhere on the internet..
  7. Dude, you're profile picture and avatar are so funny!
    it's awsome did you make that?
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