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  1. sorry to tell you but the allergy sinus shit dont work. i get nosebleeds everyday and i use the teapot that you pour in ur nose. i been takin allergy meds every day twice a day for 11 years and it dont work! why did u need surgery
  2. I can only see three posts!
  3. 3 posts? not sure what you're talking about.
  4. yes, i am.
  5. Hey... ur a moderator aren't you? Just wondering
  6. Well thank you. Too bad you didn't post here when I was still in college and had science classes to take ;p.
  7. I can tell you stuff about science. I explain things fairly well and I know alot of things because I read alot.
  8. perhaps. particularly if he could find a way to explain science related things to people that know nothing about it (ie: me).
  9. But you do agree that he should write a book about science right?
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