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  1. Interesting can mean good or bad! I hope you mean good!
  2. sounds interesting
  3. Hey sexy haha! I wanted your opinion... what do you think!
  4. im angry... my inbox and sent items and dont hold anything... will u send me a private message to see if i can actually get messages please?
  5. Nothin much... I just found my Rancid shirt that i thought was lost for good! Whats up with you... oh and i am probably gettin boots and plaid bondage pants for my bday... and my lil almost bro and his grandma is takin me for ice cream sometime in august for my bday! im kind of excited!
  6. Hi hottie! long time no see!
  7. will u send me a bigger pic of the one in ur sig? Please and thank you
  8. hmm you know a new year and lots of alcohol so....
  9. what up wit u lately?
  10. thanks i love you too...
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