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  1. Hhehe good to see you after long time yeah Merry Christmas
  2. good :P i'm seldom here. hmm.. merry christmas
  3. Yeah of course I am here hehe How is it going?
  4. Janny? are you there? ;P
  5. It was The Analogs, polish punk rock band hm i must study a lot too because i have finish exams on april and i'll go to new school. haha, "No Beer = No happy punkrock life" well, i'll have happy punk rock life then i'll move out of a house, so in 1 year. it pass quickly.. i think
  6. heheh yeah i know you were at the concert..we talked about it what was the concert?
    I have to teach lots of study_stuff at the i dont have lots of spare time but usually I go to the punkrock concerts and also I have to drink beer if its possible....No Beer = No happy punkrock life
  7. great You know, i was on the concert on friday but now i'm furious, because i can't add any picture :/ ehh.. and how are You?
  8. Hey How is it going? Long time we no talk....
  9. Now, she's 22, and she likes old, polish songs. not offspring. she said, that i'm younger copy our cousin, who likes punkrock and his character is..well.. i don't know how name it.. hmm.. his character is really punk. oh, and now Paula <my sister> likes just one offspring's song, "You Gonna Go Far, Kid". Nothing more..
  10. hmm your sister must be really old offspring fan...its a pity she hates them now yeah You know i also like all offspring songs but i prefer old albums yeah thats right i think is bad too...if they are fans so long time and then...hmmm!!!!
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