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  1. hey...!'s a bit colder than it used to be during autumn...but...apart from that, I can say everything's fine....and yeah...just if I could forget the scene I saw this night....:/
  2. hey you! Whats up? hope all is well on the other side of the world....take care write back
  3. always working hard...always partying hard =)
  4. sooo...what's new..? are you still hard-working..?
  5. hello gorgeous!
  6. heeeeeeeey....
  7. hey there
  8. ok, now, where do you want to chat..? confused...
  9. miami beach, fl US i dont know how to use this site well..its a mess for communicating. If anyone is bored wants to talk music IM me on AIM lucid dreams07
  10. yeah it sucks cause of that...I made a thread about critics and it got the stupid mods...then I made a thread about why it got deleted and everybody started to argue there....and I made a big mess....I loved was hard for stupid mods.....
    anyway, where are you from..?
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